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MenCap Haringey
22/09/2017 14:19

MenCap Haringey

How Team Personal Best has helped this community group ....

Upon visiting Haringey Mencap Team Personal Best were greeted by a keen group who were ready to get started with their session of activity. Haringey Mencap exists to promote, represent and campaign for the rights and interests of people with learning disabilities. It strives to ensure that people with learning disabilities have a full and productive life of the highest quality possible, within their local community.

The session being put on was delivered by two main coaches aided by many volunteers. Without any time to waste the coaches began to warm the group up before diving straight to the activities. The activities focused on balance, agility and throwing. The first exercise included picking up three beanbags before navigating a meandering path marked out by chalk, then hopscotching until reaching the end of the course where participants then had to throw their beanbags into a hula hoop placed on the floor. The course was completed by jogging back in a straight line to where they started.

Starting this 10 week program from the summer many of the group have made huge improvements, some who were unable to stand are now performing slalom runs before jumping and throwing. Giving special mention to one attendee who was visually impaired yet fully able to participate, for instance using acoustics the volunteers clapped within the hula hoop helping the attendee with his aim.

A brief water break was taken before more throwing activities took place with the group finishing the session with a game of cricket! One batsman showed huge signs of talent connecting bat to ball well and even directing a shot at the brave bowling volunteer!

Here at Team Personal Best we were thrilled to so many budding active participants and even more thrilled to see the improvements that have been made by each and every attendee. We thank Haringey Mencap for their incredible sessions and wish to see many more in the future.



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Event Registration is now open
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